VAMP - Vinyl Coat

VAMP - Vinyl Coat

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High Shoulder Vinyl Coat 

Metal Accents

High Collar 

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Johnáe Wright was beaten outside of Insomnia Cookie’s Hawkins St. location in Charlotte NC by her Transphobic manager who for the last two weeks since she was hired has continued to dead name her and call her “he/him pronouns” when she is very obviously a woman.
The situation escalated when this manager baited her through a work group text to come to her job, when she confronted him in the parking lot he attacked her, hitting her multiple times in the body and chest, he wrestled her to the ground and held her there with his knee to her neck telling her he was “going to kill her.” She was on the phone as everything began and they hung up and called the cops, the cops arrived to find the manager with his knee on her neck holding her to the ground. After breaking them up CMPD told her “when two guys are fighting there’s not much else they can do” and that she should “just go home”.
she has bruises all up and down her body, cuts and multiple finger nails are broken/ripped off.
she needs her job and since the altercation happened outside the location, Insomnia Cookie has done nothing, she will be forced to return to her job in 2 days, with this transphobic manager, and that terrifies all of us.
Let’s help Johnáe escape her Transphobic manager and quit her job, it’s a matter of life and death!
Black Trans Women are being murdered at alarming rates, please help me save my friend!