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Bebe Rexha says several designers declined to dress her for Grammys because she’s ‘too big’

Katie Scott

News: A lot of designers don't want to dress me because I'm too big, says Bebe Rexha of her size 8 figurex

WARNING: This story contains explicit language. 

Singer Bebe Rexha is speaking out against designers who have said they won’t dress her for the Grammys due to her size.

As the Grammys approach, she took to social media to discuss the trouble she’s been having when her and her team reach out to designers but they all allegedly decline because she’s “too big.”

“Im sorry, I had to get this off my chest. If you don’t like my fashion style or my music that’s one thing,” Rexha, who is nominated for Best New Artist and Best Country Duo/Group Performance, wrote.

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“But don’t say you can’t dress someone that isn’t a runway size. We are beautiful any size! Small or large! Anddddd My size 8 ass is still going to the Grammys. #LOVEYOURBODY,” Rexha tweeted with a video of her explaining the situation.

“So I finally get nominated at the Grammys and it’s like the coolest thing ever,” she said at the beginning of her video.

“And a lot of times, artists will go and talk to designers and they’ll make them custom dresses to walk the red carpet right, like you go to any big designer,” she shared.

She continued: “So I had my team hit out a lot of designers and a lot of them do not want to dress me because I’m too big. Literally, I’m too big,” the Meant To Be singer said.

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“If a size 6-8 is too big, then I don’t know what to tell you. I don’t want to wear your f**king dresses. Cause that’s crazy. You’re saying all the women in the world that are size 8 and up are not beautiful and they cannot wear your dresses,” Rexha said.

“So all the people who said I’m thick and I can’t wear dresses, f**k you and I don’t want to wear your f**king dresses,” Rexha concluded.

(Warning: This video contains explicit language.)

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Rexha never released the names of the designers who have told her she’s “too big” and declined to dress her.

After Rexha posted her message to social media, many people spoke out in support of her including Tyra BanksHouse of Mann designer  Brandon Hilton and Adam Lambert.

Tyra Banks quoted Rexha’s tweet, adding her own comment, “The day I met You [i]n Toronto, I knew U were xtra special. [ou]R impromptu posing lesson backstage was MAJOR. You stuck that leg & hip out & Tooched & Smized at the same time. Those designers that don’t wanna dress U are DUMB. U my dear @BebeRexha are pure genius… H2T – head to toe!.”

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Replying to @BebeRexha

YOU ARE STUNNING!!! I own LGBT fashion brand @TheHouseofMann and if you take a chance on us, we will make you something FABULOUS for The Grammys!!! we’ve dressed @KimPetras and a ton of other celebs!!! 

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